Panthera pays tribute to the beauty of nature, seamlessly combining strength and delicacy.

The Panthera Table is a flawlessly crafted work of art. Its oak tabletop exudes natural elegance, while the legs made from a maple tree trunk add harmony and energy. The rotating sandstone from Męcina adds an element of mystery, and the steel base ensures stability.

The unique “spots” on the maple trunk, resembling the spots on a panther’s skin, give this table a distinctive character. But Panthera is not just about beauty; it’s also about functionality. Its round shape encourages free-flowing conversations and comfortable dining with loved ones.

The Panthera Table is more than just furniture; it’s a genuine work of art that fulfills both aesthetic and practical expectations. Open yourselves to the experiences that Panthera brings – a blend of strength, elegance, and functionality designed for those who appreciate uniqueness and a high standard.

The Panthera Table – an extraordinary fusion of elegance, strength, and functionality that will give your spaces a unique character.